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Exciting Hot August Nights news!

Hot August Nights, perhaps Reno's premiere event, is going to be moving to a better, less-crowded time of year after this year. A lot of people don't like to come to HAN because it does tend to be a bit crowded. February, on the other hand, is a very slow month up here and we don't see many visitors. Therefore, here's a good solution: Move Hot August Nights to February, as will be done next year. (Only six months away!) That way, we get people to come up during the quiet winter months, and people that like to find things a bit less hectic in the summer can enjoy a less-crowded city in August.

Funny thing is, I mentioned this as an April Fools joke a few years ago. Now, though, it's really happening.

* * *

August and September are great months for me at work: One special event after another, from now through the air races at the end of next month. Time to dig in . . .
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