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Jim's Livejournal: 2002-2009

Back on September 26, 2002, I wrote my first entry on Livejournal. I thought it would be fun and different to document my life for a while, and that I would use Livejournal for a while until I got tired of it: I figured maybe six months.

Well, six months turned into a year. Then, two years. Then, even more. It's now been seven years that I have been documenting my life: to put that in perspective, a full one-fifth of my life is here in this forum.

I think the main reason I've kept going so long is that I've met all of you here: dozens of you. I've learned about your habits, your random thoughts, your big life changes, and everything in between. Several of you have gotten married and had kids. Several others have, well, had other changes. All the same, I have enjoyed meeting every single one of you. I have even met a dozen of so of you live and in person!

That being said, I think it's time for me to move on. My Livejournal has had a good run that has featured an interstate move, several job changes, some vacations, a marriage, and yes, even some maturation. A lot of maturation, in fact. There have been random posts, fun posts, and memes along with some serious introspection. I have moved on to other interests, and don't seem to be all that interested in writing posts to LJ anymore. Therefore, this post will be my last, coming one day short of the journal's seventh anniversary.

But don't worry, I'm not going away completely. I am still on Twitter (albeit sporadically at the moment) and Facebook (almost daily) and have no plans to drop either at this time. I'll be my usual self over there, just in a new forum. Think of a newspaper columnist simply moving from the morning daily to the evening daily.

I also will continue to read my friends list and some communities here, as I do enjoy those. I may comment occasionally, but do not expect to participate as often as before. But don't worry: if you are on my flist, you will continue to have my full attention when you post. I will also plan on keeping this journal and all the past posts online as an archive for the foreseeable future, mostly for my own reference as much as anybody's.

Thanks for the memories, Livejournal. It's been fun.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." - Ecc 3:1
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