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OK, try number 2

Ripon, CA

OK, I'll try this again:

I got just about everything accomplished Friday that I wanted to get done. In the morning, DeDe, Grandma and I drove over to Moreno Valley to pick up a painting that Grandma had framed, then we stopped at Kohl's. DeDe and I both wanted to see Kohl's because we don't have one in Sacramento, but understand that the store will be coming to us soon. I got the feeling that Kohl's is a lot like Mervyn's, which we do have, and a visit to the store backed that up. If and when the Sacramento area does get a Kohl's, I will definitely shop there. They have a lot of good merchandise at OK prices, certainly not the cheapest but not unreasonable. I really liked the smoothie maker they had and considered buying it, except that it was $50 and I wanted that money for gas for the return trip. I am very proud that I paid for this trip with 100% cash, and didn't charge a single dime. YAY!

Friday afternoon we went on what I call the "Redlands Home Tour," where I drove around and went to all the various houses that my relatives have lived in over the years. Having visited the city regularly for 20 years, I am fairly familiar with Redlands, but I was glad to have Grandma as a backup navigator. In one case she gave me a shortcut back up to her house from my father's old house not too far away.

Friday night we went to dinner at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place in Rialto with my Uncle Paul and his family. The city planner in me was very curious about the history of the town after driving through its downtown. Knowing what I know about planning and the area's history, and noting the layout of the streets and the zoning of the central area, I gather that Rialto was originally founded as a streetcar suburb of Los Angeles in the early 20th century. I am not sure, but will definitely investigate. I should be able to find a book summarizing Rialto's history. The parts I drove through appear pretty run-down, but my inquisitive nature has hit nonetheless. One interesting note: On-street parking is in the middle of the street against the median, rather than against the sidewalk. Very odd.

Yesterday we drove back from Redlands to Ripon. We got to Ripon about 5:30, 90 minutes behind schedule, partially because of a late start but mostly because of nasty weather on the Cajon Pass. Heavy rain, fog, drizzle, then more fog, then more rain, etc. Traffic on I-15 was moving at 20-25 MPH for several miles, which was fine with me: I'd rather drive slowly and carefully than quickly and dangerously as I slip off a cliff. Then I drove slowly down CA-138, as well, because of the heavy rain. CA-138 is a narrow, two-lane, winding road with sharp cliffs on one side, and I didn't DARE want to speed through it. Luckily, I was behind a Wal-Mart truck, which gave me a perfect excuse to drive 30 MPH without angering other cars. By the time we got to Littlerock, we were already 2 hours into the trip. We stopped for lunch at a McDonald's there and had a pleasant conversation with the person at the table next to us about everything from the weather to pop music to shoes. DeDe and I both thought we were talking to a woman, but we found out he was a guy--Oops! I wanted to get away like in the commercial for a major national airline. But then, he thought DeDe was in elementary school, and she's 27, but it's still embarrassing. I felt REALLY bad.

Anyway, after the lunch stop the rest of the trip went relatively smoothly, except for a little more drizzle south of Bakersfield. We got home and just vegitated and played You Don't Know Jack a few times on the computer, watched some TV, and went to bed around midnight. (For some real fun, play a single-player game on a Saturday night, and listen to the shots Cookie takes at you for playing on your computer alone on a Saturday night.)

Today: Hang out some more, with a plan to be back home in time for our 6:00 teachers' meeting at FCC and a return to reality. :'-( I want to watch the Mavericks/Blazers game this afternoon, as well: I really can't believe that Portland is still alive after going down 3-0. Unbelieveable! That's only happened twice before in NBA history, and the first time, in 1951, the Kings franchise (then the Rochester Royals) went on to win the whole enchalada. I take that as a good sign!

One more thing: Sometime this week, probably tomorrow, I will "unfriend" all of these entries to make them public, and expect to resume reading my friends page. One quikee, though, to rialtus: Congratulations and good luck in your wedding!
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