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13 April 1976

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My name is Jim, and I live in the beautiful Reno/Tahoe area with my lovely wife Dione, after having spent the first 29 years of my life in Sacramento. I graduated from CSU-Sacramento with a B.A. in Government in 1998.

I am a self-professed "transit geek." One of my favorite free-day activities is to travel to other cities to ride transit systems, taking lots of pictures and writing reports of my observations. I'm a sports nut, particularly during the Sacramento Kings season. My "big four" favorite teams are: Sacramento River Cats, Sacramento Kings, Vancouver Canucks, and Washington Redskins.

I have a large collection of American Civil War literature at home and enjoy reading about that time period (as well as American history in general) and going to re-enactments.

If you want even more immediacy, and if I happen to be home, check out my web cam for a live shot of my life. What am I doing at this exact second?SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

In addition to my regular job in a casino hotel, I am also a freelance writer and usually have at least a couple of projects going on for various publications at any given time.

Other interests include reading, surfing the web and spending time with my friends, karate classes, and geocaching. (I haven't done much of the latter lately, though.)

I love getting e-mail and text messages, so feel free to send either!! Additional contact info is found here.

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